State of the UK Climate Report Published

News – Thursday, July 28th, 2022

On the 28th of July 2022 the annual ‘State of the UK Climate 2021’ report was published. The report provides a summary of the UK weather and Climate from the last calendar year 2021, while assessing the historical context of the changes.

The report provides accessible, authoritative and an up-to-date assessment of UK climate trends, variations and extremes based on the most up-to-date observational datasets of climate quality such as temperature, precipitation, sunshine and wind speed.

Key findings:

  • 2021 was 0.1%C warmer than the 1991–2020 average
  • The most recent decade (2012–2021) has been on aver-age 0.2
    C warmer than the 1991–2020 average and 1.0 C warmer than 1961–1990.
  • 2021 rainfall was 95% of the 1991–2020 average and102% of the 1961–1990 average
  • 2021 included the UK’s fifth driest April and second wettest May in monthly series from 1836
  • For the most recent decade (2012–2021) UK summers have been on average 6% wetter than 1991–2020 and 15% wetter than 1961–1990. UK winters have been 10%/26% wetter

Read the full report online at: State of the UK Climate 2021