Support required for Camden Future High Streets Projects

Businesses, News – Thursday, January 27th, 2022

Two local Camden community projects are looking for support from organisations and individuals.

Through the first round of  Camden Future High Streets crowdfund initiative an initial £20,500 has been pledged by Camden Council to help two community projects reach their funding goal:

Outdoor art exhibition of independent businesses

NW5 Business and Culture want to turn Kentish Town high street into a permanent outdoor art exhibition of independent businesses.  They’re hoping to raise £18,900 which will go towards interviewing and developing posters of local businesses on Kentish Town Road.

Camden’s Sustainable Interactive Market

In Buck Street Market. They are looking to raise £22,000 for their project to host a sustainable market, give insight on various up-cycling methods such as how to mend clothes, clothes swaps, places to sell unwanted items and much, much more! This will include:

  • Run a ‘free for makers, creators’ Monday to Thursday market for 10 weeks
  • Host a 10 day sustainable fashion workshop to a chosen school
  • Run 10 weekly ‘MEND IT’ Market workshops
  • Organise 10 weekly Market Clothes Swap events
  • Host 10 Weekly’ RE-WORK IT’ workshops
  • Provide free stalls for residents ‘CAR BOOT IT’ 4 days a week
  • Present ‘Camden People’ fashion shows open to all
  • Provide a space for Camden’s performers to showcase themselves

This is a very unique position for members of the local community to directly impact how their high streets will look in the future.

If you want to find out more and contribute take a look at the project pages for more information:

If you would like to contribute an idea? the second round of funding opens in the spring, if interested register here