The Sustainers: the green champions of the future

News – Wednesday, February 27th, 2019


The Sustainers is a new sustainability steering group for students of year 8 and 9 in Camden. The pioneering project is being delivered in partnership with Transition Towns Camden.

This pupil-led steering group will have two key responsibilities, contribute to the identification of local environmental priorities as well as potential solutions and, take a lead on the development of a sustainability project(s) in their schools and the local community. In early summer students will have the opportunity to present their project proposals to local business in a ’dragon den’ style event with the aim of raising funds for their projects.

The idea behind this initiative is to empower the students to drive sustainability in their local area. We believe that by allowing the pupils to choose a sustainability project for their school they will engage more, leading to greater results. The initiative will initially be trialled for one academic year with the involvement of six schools. These are Acland Burghley, William Ellis, La Sainte Union, Parliament Hill girls school, Haverstock and UCL Academy. These schools have been chosen based on an area cluster.

The initiative will be launched this spring at a student’s submit with special guess Rob Hopkins, the founder of the Transition Towns movement in the UK.