Transport for London Road Modernisation Plan

News – Friday, October 30th, 2015

Major construction works, building projects and redevelopments taking place across London in response to economic and population growth are leading to rising levels of demand for road transport and congestion on London’s roads.

In response, Transport for London’s (TfL) Road Modernisation Plan (RMP) is the biggest investment in London’s roads for a generation. Consisting of hundreds of projects to maintain and transform junctions, bridges, tunnels and major roads, the RMP will make transport more efficient, reliable and safer whilst providing a world class urban realm.

TfL advise that:

  • You, your employees and visitors are encouraged to travel, where possible, outside peak time when journeys are likely to be quicker
  • Avoid driving at the busiest times and places, when unavoidable then plan ahead and allow more time for your journey
  • Speak to your suppliers about retiming deliveries to other parts of the day, if possible, to save time and money. For further information and advice visit:
  • Share this message with employees and other visitors about potential impact on travel and to encourage those who have the flexibility to do so, to consider travelling outside of the busiest times
  • Visit TfL’s website for month-by-month breakdowns of the build programmes for schemes, showing the locations of the different phases of the builds and the areas where traffic may be affected

Use the tools on TfL’s website to search on a postcode-by-postcode basis to ensure that any potential delays are factored into delivery route planning.

Introducing TFL’s Transport Modernisation Plan 

First published: 30/10/2015
Author: Ana Lopez, CCCA Sustainability Officer