UCLH savings with BMS recommissioning

News – Thursday, July 21st, 2016

University of College London Hospitals have been an Alliance member since 2010 and are making savings by changing their Building Management System at their Macmillan Cancer Centre (MCC)  on Huntley Street.

Following MCCs opening in April 2012 there have been changes to its usage and occupancy with staff and patients constantly stating that the building was either too hot or cold and energy consumption was very high.

The Sustainability Team commissioned a project in June 2015 on the “recommissioning of the MCC’s Building Energy Management System” to reduce energy consumption, reduce UCLH’s Carbon emissions and save money to improve patient healthcare. The project cost just short of £10,000 and the money came from the Hospitals sustainability budget.

Since June 2015, the Cancer Centre has shown an average reduction of:

  • 10% reduction per month on energy consumption
  • 8 % reduction per month on energy costs
  • 15% reduction per month on Carbon emissions

Since this project has started the MCC has saved an average of:

  • 27,000 kwh per month
  • £2500 per month off the energy bill
  • 25 tonnes of CO2 per month

In addition, Patient and staff feedback has been excellent and they feel the working and patient environment is better than it has ever been. Patients have benefited through the success of this project, as they are now being treated in a more comfortable environment. In addition the Hospital is saving money which is being ploughed back into the healthcare system to improve patient healthcare.  Staff are also benefiting as they are working in a more comfortable environment.

UCLH are reducing their carbon emissions, which is benefitting the environment, and are now going to roll this project out to their other 30 buildings.