World Water Week – 26 to 31 of August

News – Wednesday, July 18th, 2018


We will be celebrating World Water Week from the 26 to 31 of August. The event provides an opportunity to raise awareness of the challenges around water supply, demand and management.

In a world where demand for water is on the road to outstripping supply, many companies are struggling to find the water they need to run their businesses. A larger global population and growing economies are placing bigger demands on already-depleted water supplies. It only takes a dry summer to expose our dependency on limited water sources for human consumption, with water rationing being proposed for this summer.

By taking steps to use water more efficiently, your business will not only reduce costs but will also be prepared to comply with current and future environmental legislation, reduce its carbon footprint, improve your company’s environmental performance and generate positive PR.

Water fittings in commercial multi-occupancy buildings often experience more frequent use than in dwellings, which means that payback times following investment can be excellent. Investment in water recycling schemes is also more viable in business settings than domestic settings.

In commercial situations, major cost savings can be gained through the installation of:

  • urinal controls or waterless urinals
  • efficient flush toilets
  • automatic or sensor taps

In addition to cost-savings from decreased water and energy bills, businesses investing in technologies and products that encourage sustainable water use may be eligible for tax savings through Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA). The ECA website details the scheme and the Water Technology List.

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