Your ideas needed – improving air quality in Camden

Businesses, News, Schools, Third Sector – Thursday, January 27th, 2022

Camden Council would love to hear your ideas for improving air quality in Camden, to help inform their new Action Plan to bring clean air for all who live, work and study in the borough.

Air quality is the largest environmental risk for health in the UK, and exposure to air pollution from vehicles, buildings, cooking, construction and other sources causes more than four thousand premature deaths each year in London. Additionally, air pollution has an enormous social and economic impact through reduced productivity, absenteeism, and health and social care costs.

We are all affected by the air quality health crisis, but we can all take steps to protect our own health and the health of others by working together to reduce our exposure to pollution and our contribution to it.

Camden’s Clean Air Action Plan 2019-2022 has seen us deliver ambitious projects to tackle pollution from road transport, vehicle engine idling, construction and canal boats, while raising public awareness about outdoor and indoor air pollution, and representing local government in the call for stricter legal limits for pollution in the UK.

The next Clean Air Action Plan for 2022-2026 will go even further, by setting a pathway to achieving the updated World Health Organization (WHO) air quality guidelines, tackling the disproportionate effect of pollution on some communities, and crucially by working in partnership with businesses and other organisations to realise the vision for a borough in which no person experiences poor health as a result of the air they breathe.

Camden Council want to capitalise on the innovation and commitment of CCCA members to environmental sustainability, and would love to hear your ideas for improving air quality in Camden. 

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